Beverage Solutions

For over 20 years, Fresh Express Beverage has built a reputation for exclusively supplying the UAE market with world renowned brands across a spectrum of beverage products and solutions that cater to a selective list of various F&B venues.

Our world-class experienced team of professionals is at the forefront of the beverage industry. We enjoy an interwoven network of global beverage manufacturers and suppliers, which enables us to stay on top and lead the industry trends.

Fresh Express Beverage go above and beyond customer satisfaction.

We offer case-specific beverage menus and recipes, which stem from the product to the equipment and all preparation requirements in between. Apart from that, we always create new training courses, master classes and workshops to ensure the smooth operation and to enhance the overall quality in beverage offering to all our clients.



With more than 150 Monin syrups, this selection of high-quality flavors offers a wide array that will instantly transform any drink from ordinary to extraordinary.


Made with authentic ingredients, Monin fruit mix adds bold and delicious flavors to your mocktails, smoothies, drinks and even desserts.


Add a finishing touch that brings decadence and luxury to your beverages & desserts with Monin Gourmet Sauces.


Make frosty foamy drinks with simple 3 steps frappe Monin powders, unique flavors that serves all purposes.


Complementing the world’s finest culinary and beverage experience with flawless water.


comptoirs richard tea

Comptoirs Richard, a subsidiary of Cafés Richard, is the reflection of a history and a passion that have stood the test of time.

revolution tea

We are Revolution. We make tea for drinking both hot and over ice.



CAFES RICHARD Richard is a coffee roaster that has emerged from Paris based group Maison Richard founded in 1892 and has remained a family business till today. CAFÉS RICHARD, beyond the bean, is a French global expert in providing hot beverages solutions.

Frappé powders

Often copied, never matched. The founder Michael Rubin created the Original Cappuccine Frappe mix in 1991. Not satisfied with cold beverages served in coffeehouses, Michael saw untapped market potential for a premium, powdered frappe mix for blenders.


The Alain Milliat philosophy is to give to people the pleasure and taste of fresh fruits at the peak of maturity, respecting the nature and its variations, showing the best of each fruit through a collection of juices and nectars.


Lemonaid Beverages is a project that gives back to the communities they source the ingredients from, originating out of Hamburg, Germany. Produced through truly sustainable, fair-traded and organic ingredients, Lemonaid and Charitea pushed the boundaries of sparkling lemonades and Ice teas while helping others at the same time. “DRINKING HELPS”

Premium Mixers

Goldberg, the perfect pair to any drink, elevating the quality and flavors with premium ingredients and unique design. Taste the Difference

For your Occasions

Sharing the finest Italian sparkling with the world since 1863. Martini 0.0 represents Glamour, Racing and Art. Perfect for occasions or by itself with a loved one. Try a taste of Martini – Anytime any place, anywhere – That’s Martini. Share.

Services & Certifications

fresh express Services


With our beverage expert team, we are able to provide tailor-made recipes & menus for our customers. Our aim is to help them offer a unique experience to their customers. We do so by creating a journey of flavours from hot to cold drinks that can be served anytime of the day.

One of our major strength is to stay ahead on the beverage trends which allows us to offer new creations and unique suggestions that gives us an edge on the competition.


Our team is composed of certified mixologists and coffee experts. With the skills we possess, we are able to complete a bespoke after sale service by training our customers, making quality checkups, maintenance, refreshed menu developments and help them pursue their passion in becoming experts in what they do.

Beverage Creations

Creativity is at the heart of our business, with so many different brands and flavors, the possibilities are endless. Pushing the limits and leading the trends into the future. Get in touch with us to help you elevate your beverage offering to the next level!