Our Kitchen

More and more companies are turning to outsourcing to realize the benefits of production flexibility.

Whether you need additional capacity, either seasonally in conjunction with a new product launch, or you want to realize the benefits of full outsourcing, we have you covered. Our Fresh Express facility is entirely UAE-based, award-winning, and family-run.

We possess specialist food processing expertise as well as a proven track record in customer and consumer understanding stretching back over 30 years. Our business is committed to delivering a service that complements the requirements of hotels, resorts, and restaurants. And we’re pleased to include several international blue-chip organizations and GCC based food and hospitality companies among them.

Our Capabilities

fresh salmon fish
capabilities of fresh express

At Fresh Express, we operate out of production facilities which total an impressive 6,000 sq. m.

Our computer-managed warehousing setup delivers support to both production and supply chain in the form of bespoke solutions, e.g. customized recipes. We’ve received the highest standard accreditation of Grade A* from the Dubai Municipality.

In addition, we’ve obtained our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 certifications with our HACCP certification. Plus, we operate in-house QA, QC, planning, and production management. Such details are why we’re consistently able to provide almost limitless support to chefs across the region. Our offerings will not only ease and reduce the daily hassles a chef must endure, but they’ll also make it easier to create appetizing dishes.

Premium Smoked Salmon

Fresh from Norway and Scotland, our premium smoked salmon for which we are known for is smoked by us in-house. We carefully fillet the salmon by hand before curing it for 24 hours using our special recipe. The next step is to run it under cold water before leaving it to dry for an additional 24 hours. Next, we smoke the fish using natural oak wood before placing onto a wire rack.

It is then left to age for a minimum of 48 hours. Finally, it is sliced by hand and placed in a vacuum package to keep it airtight before placing it into the refrigerator. We then pack in 200g Fresh Express Branded packaging to be sold to retail, or in bigger portions to hotels and restaurants in the UAE.

Cooked Peeled Prawns

Our delicious cooked prawns are one of our best-selling items. They are easy to prepare and come pre-cooked for convenience. Whether added to a salad or next to rice with a butter lemon dressing, our cooked prawns won’t disappoint.

Ready Meals

Our ready meals were originally designed for retail businesses to provide a premium meal option to their customers and a convenient heat and eat experience. There are options to suit all preferences, including vegan, chicken, and fish. Our ready meals provide a homemade feel while being healthy, convenient, and having an elegant touch.

Ready to Cook

Within our ready to cook range, you’ll find options like our marinated chicken, sausages, burger patties, and marinated salmon. We created this range to support operational functions for our customers where kitchens aren’t so well-equipped. Our ready to cook food is easy to heat or simply requires a shorter time to finalize each dish. All our ready to cook food comes as portioned items and are well packaged to preserve quality and facilitate operations.


Our artisanal cooked foie gras terrines are prepared in a traditional French method giving you something to add to a high-end menu. Perfect for fine dining restaurants in the UAE.