Le Petit Etoilé

Le Petit Etoilé is a range of premium organic alcohol-free White & Red grapes. Made in France, Le Petit Etoilé is dedicated exclusively to the on-premise, its name refers to Michelin stars restaurants, ‘Etoilé’.

Using our French wine heritage, Le Petit Etoilé offers a sophisticated alternative to wine. Without any sulfites nor preservatives, vegan & halal certified, Le Petit Etoilé is inspired & made by nature.

Why so different?

1st Organic non-fermented alcohol free-range
Innovative production process :

  • No fermentation
  • No preservatives
  • No sulfite

Preservation of wine’s benefits
Polyphenols extracted from grape seeds
Natural pasteurization to avoid chemical preservatives

2 Le Petit Etoilé SKUS available :

  • Red Grape (Cabernet Sauvignon), 750 ML
  • White Grape (Chardonnay), 750 ML

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