Do you want to provide your clients with great-tasting teas to serve to their customers? Then you’ll be excited to learn that the Fresh Express portfolio includes the well-known brand, Revolution.

First to produce single-serving full-leaf tea bags, Revolution has over a decade of experience sourcing ingredients from experts and estates in more than 19 countries. Working with people around the globe to find the finest ingredients has also enabled them to establish dedicated distribution and loyal customers in more than 30 countries. Revolution is a brand you can trust.

“It matters because we know it’s really all about the ingredients, full-leaf teas, select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all-natural flavors. This is what makes us different.”

All About the Ingredients

And it really is all about the ingredients – since 1998, both the tea we consume and the beverage industry as a whole have been changed by The Revolution Tea Company. This where the “Revolution” part of the name stemmed from. The idea was to stir up the industry by introducing decisions based on thoughtful and intelligent choices.

Revolution to this day remains committed to producing quality tea that enhances the consumers’ experience. At Revolution, they seek out and procure only the finest, full-leaf premium teas, select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils, and delicious all-natural flavors. Whether you’re looking to supply hot teas, iced teas, or something else entirely, Revolution represents the pinnacle of premium loose leaf and full-leaf teas.

From the classic Earl Grey to the exotic Jiangyong Green Tea, there’s something here for everyone. All full leaf teas are lovingly grown, harvested, and dried by the sun – no artificial methods are used. And you’ll always receive full leaf teas from Revolution – never any tea fannings or dust which are left over after higher grade teas are gathered to be sold.

Introducing the Revolution

  • In 2000, the first mesh infuser tea bag was introduced
  • The beauty of a mesh tea bag is that it protects the leaves inside
  • With loose leaf tea, properly timed steeping is possible
  • Only by correctly steeping the tea will you experience the authentic taste and clarity
  • Essential oils are passed through the mesh, infusing every cup

What Started the Revolution?

Let’s face it, traditional teabags aren’t quite all their cracked up to be, and to any tea connoisseur, they are blasphemous, pure and simple. The problem, however, is that traditional teabags account for the vast majority of sales in the US. This is a problem further compounded by the fact they often contain the cheapest tea which produces an inferior beverage.

Loose tea was very common decades ago and allowed consumers to really appreciate the delightful flavors and aromas. The teabag actually came about as the result of a misunderstanding. In 1908, Thomas Sullivan packaged his tea in small silk sacks to cut down costs – traditionally, tea was transported in tins which cost a lot more. Confused, people simply tossed the sacks into the water and thus, the teabag was born.

To release its full flavor and aroma, tea leaves need room to expand. Teabags limit this room and so to compensate, smaller leaves were used. These smaller leaves are generally cheaper and inferior, resulting in tea that had lost most of its charm. As a result, tea enthusiasts everywhere have had to suffer a lackluster product that falls far short of the genuine article – until now.

The Revolution began in 1998 with a single goal – to provide tea lovers with the product they so richly deserved, and the rest is history. The introduction of the Infuser bag perfectly combines the best aspects of traditional loose-leaf infusers and the common teabag, while eliminating the drawbacks of the latter. Only premium-quality leaves are contained in the Infuser bags which let more water pass through.

Finally, the premium, loose-leaf tea experience beloved by so many for centuries can now be enjoyed by all, any time, anywhere.

With such an array of tasty options available, it should be obvious why Fresh Express are the best choice for sourcing seafood. Not only do our products reduce the daily hassles of chefs around the world, but they also allow for the creation of tasty dishes quickly and easily.

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