Since 1931 Harry’s Bar welcomes its guests in the heart of Venice. Almost one century of the fines finest Italian Food and Hospitality.

Bellini – Heritage

In 1945 freedom was blooming all around the world after World War II. At Harry’s Bar, Venice, Giuseppe Cipriani invented a new cocktail to celebrate the Joy of Peace. He mixed Prosecco Wine with Fresh White Peach Puree creating the renowned drink, now famous all over the world. It was named after the Italian Renaissance painter Giambellino, whose works were exhibited in Doge’s Palace. Togas where of the same Bellini colour.


Glass – 180 ml

  • Alcohol-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Without Allergens

Today Arrigo Cipriani has innovated on his own tradition, transforming the iconic cocktail of the “good living” into an alcohol-free drink made with Peach puree and sparkling water.

Only the best quality White Peach Puree

  • Harvested in Southern Europe
  • Sweet and delicate flavor
  • Rich Fruity Aroma

Simple sparkling water for the iconic fizzy taste

  • From the ancient Venetian Republic’s Natural Spring

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