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GOLDBERG offers great quality without compromise, for a unique taste experience that invigorates every facet of the senses.

That’s why their bitter sodas are not only great for refining first-class spirits but also perfect for enjoying on their own. Anyone who decides they want better taste will find GOLDBERG to be a personal superlative.


The story begins long ago in the early 20th-century. Jacob M. Goldberg, a pharmaceutical entrepreneur from Frankfurt, sought to create medicinal drinks. His goal was to create a remedy for tropical illnesses, but what he ended up creating was so much more. Following his emigration to northern India, he created products that soon found favor with British Colonial rulers.

While he set out to create medicinal drinks, he ended up creating a recipe for a refreshing beverage that could be enjoyed by all. This, for obvious reasons, led to a change in Jacob’s business focus.

The Birth of GOLDBERG Bitter Lemonade

To create the perfect, ready-to-drink lemonade, Jacob M. Goldberg added carbon dioxide. The end result was a product which could be enjoyed by itself or mixed to create wonderful concoctions. In fact, British Royal Navy seamen would often take their favorite spirit – gin- and mix it with GOLDBERG lemonades to create a drink that is still featured on cocktail lists to this day.

As for the logo, the ‘hunting dog’ was chosen by Jacob M. Goldberg himself. He wanted a logo that symbolized the brand’s commitments to fidelity, speed, and high-performance. In addition to this, Jacob’s own self-imposed promise of loyalty to the service of his customers would also become a defining trait of the brand moving forward.

Uniquely Refreshing, Refreshingly Diverse

Enjoy great-tasting, premium-quality bitter lemonades, made by GOLDBERG & Sons. What really sets these delicious beverages apart from all the rest are the intense flavors. Whether as a mixer or enjoyed as a tasty soft drink, you won’t find a finer experience anywhere else. Restaurateurs, bartenders, and guests alike speak highly of GOLDBERG, a brand that has remained up to date with the latest trends.

Choice is the Flavor of Life

One thing GOLDBERG are renowned for is the fantastically diverse range of flavors that their drinks are available in. You won’t find a more diverse selection, with each taste as distinctive as the last. For this reason, GOLDBERG is not only a great way to enhance a high-quality spirit, but it also serves to offer a delightful experience when drunk by itself.

Perfectly Balanced

Balanced to achieve perfection, GOLDBERG is perfect when combined with high-quality spirits to create a dazzling range of luxury cocktails. A relatively high proportion of carbon dioxide is the secret here, creating an enhanced profile with complex and unusual flavors. For the discerning connoisseur, a completely new and subtle taste variation provides an interesting and enjoyable twist on even a classic concoction.

Taste the Difference

Peruse any of the top vendors and outlets and you’ll no doubt discover GOLDBERG products. This only serves to demonstrate the strength of the GOLDBERG portfolio and illustrate why their products are some of the best around. GOLDBERG’s products are at the heart of signature drinks created worldwide by many internationally famous bartenders. Wherever the action is, you’re sure to find GOLDBERG premium mixers.

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