Chef’s Ingredients

FRESH EXPRESS holds a wide portfolio of high quality food products sourced from the top foodie destinations of the world.

We deal with over 300 multinational suppliers, artisanal products, and unique growers from more than 50 countries.

Wild, farmed, organic, live, premium delicacy, gourmet niche, fresh or frozen; whatever defines a great culinary experience, you can be sure we will have it or that we can provide it for you from anywhere in the world.

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Salmon Suppliers


Our vast experience and dedication to seafood excellence and customer satisfaction has resulted in Fresh Express being recognized as an industry leader for live, fresh, and frozen seafood, not only in the UAE, but in the whole Middle East region in both the food service & retail sectors.

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Fresh Express brings the top quality meat products from countries around the world that are known by their herds and farms, especially from Australia and The Netherlands.

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Chicken Breast

Poultry & Eggs

Fresh Express is one of the key suppliers of poultry and game in the UAE, supplying both the retail and food service sectors with a variety of frozen and chilled products.

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Fresh Express is proud to supply its wide variety of artisanal dairy products to some of the most reputable chefs and retailers in the UAE.

Parmigano Italian Cheese
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salad dish

Fruits & Vegetables

We roam the globe to find the very best fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Our fantastic and ever-growing range has the best products that have been specially selected from all corners of the earth, brought together in one place for your convenience.


Assorted Olives


We invite you to come on a journey into our world of condiments.

Oils & Vinegars

Oil and Vinegar

Oils & Vinegars

Our selection of olive oils includes the best oils from Greece, and we are proud to supply a range of premium and historic brands for which each has a story to tell.