Introducing the Original Frappe That Started it All

Are you looking to serve something to your customers that’s truly special; a cut above the standard beverage options that are usually available. Introducing Cappuccine – the original frappe experience. Created 29 years ago, the recipe has been perfected over time to create what is a truly exceptional experience that’ll appeal to coffee lovers everywhere.

The Original Cappuccine Frappe is a fantastic option, perfect for any busy, specialty beverage vendor. Not only does Cappuccine taste fantastic, but it’s also incredibly easy to make too. Just take the famous powdered mix, and in moments, you’ll have a delicious beverage to serve your customers. Cappuccine is so versatile; it can be used to prepare cold beverages, served over ice, or hot drinks. No other product matches Cappuccine for flexibility, taste, and efficiency.

About Cappuccine

With more than two decades’ experience exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide, Cappuccine are international experts who are highly respected and trusted. You’ll find Cappuccine being served in many coffeehouses, cafes, luxury hotels, and even high-end restaurants. With vendors in the US and across the globe, quality and flavor really do span all languages.

The founder, Michael Rubin, created the Original Cappuccine Frappe mix in 1991. Not satisfied with cold beverages served in coffeehouses, Michael saw untapped market potential for a premium, powdered frappe mix for blenders. His motivation then, as it is now, was to capture the bold coffeehouse flavors of authentic mochas and lattes in a refreshing blended beverage. And the rest is history.

Today, these irresistible drinks could not be more popular, and Cappuccine is leading the way with innovative flavor discoveries and an uncompromising passion for quality. The range includes more than 30 different flavors to suit any pallet.

As one of the fastest-growing, most popular beverage categories in the world, there are many ways businesses can benefit from supplying their customers with Cappuccine products. From free samples and expert support to free promotional materials and high profits per drink sold, these are just some of the benefits on offer. For any business looking to succeed, adopting the Cappuccine beverage program really is a no-brainer.

And what about the available flavors? Cappuccine as a beverage is available in many wonderful flavors. You’ll find that we supply many of these options, including their two top flavors listed below. These two flavors were responsible for putting Cappuccine squarely on the map and solidifying its place as standing head and shoulders above other frappe drinks. The success of the brand continues to shine thanks to irresistible and indulgent flavors such as:

Red Velvet®

Award Winner!

Velvety, smooth cake batter with rich cocoa and a luscious red color is sweet temptation in a cup.

  • Gluten-free
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • Serve hot, cold, or on ice
  • Coffee & Tea free

Extreme Toffee Coffee

Award Winner!

Go for extreme flavor with pieces of sweet, buttery toffee paired with a hint of chocolate and mountain-grown coffee. One of our top sellers!

  • Gluten-free
  • Serve hot, cold, or on ice
  • Contains coffee

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