Comptoirs Richard

For shops, restaurants, and hotels alike looking to procure the finest quality teas and herbal teas, Comptoirs Richard is a name well worth remembering. Having procured some of the finest teas and herbal teas from around the world, they’ve provided a range of beverages that provide a truly exceptional, relaxing, and refreshing experience to all.

A subsidiary of Café Richard, Comptoirs Richard signifies the history and passion that has weathered the sands of time. The spirit of the century-old Richard tradition is found infused in the incredible array of teas and herbal teas Comptoirs Richard has to offer. Their delicious beverages are available through a network of shops that are located in the very heart of Paris. And that’s not all, the “Essentials” necessary to extract the fullest potential of these drinks is also available from Comptoirs Richard.

About Comptoirs Richard

In 1892, Paris saw the first rumblings of what would grow to become a beautiful family story. Maison Richard started out as a coffee roaster, creating excellent caffeinated beverages the French way. Over time, the company’s roots have been firmly established and defined by a passion and love of the coffee bean. Then, in the 1970s, tea became a part of this growing range of gourmet beverages.

A ritual of daily life, it is true to say that Maison Richard’s tea and coffee have become entwined, naturally paired throughout time. While tea still loses out to coffee in terms of consumption in France, the last two decades have seen the percentage of avid tea enthusiasts grow to around 60%. For this very reason, you’ll find a wide selection of loose teas and teabags sold by Maison Richard.

These products have been adapted both for professionals through Café Richard as well as end-consumers through Comptoirs Richard boutiques.

From China to India and Sri Lanka, Maison Richard sources teas and herbal teas from several places of origin. Each tea boasts its own authentic flavor that is a journey of discovery with each sip savored. For maximum quality and freshness, all leaves are rigorously selected and proposed as either loose tea or teabags.

Delightfully Premium Teas and Wonderfully Organic Herbal Teas

Through Café Richard, you’ll find an exquisitely invigorating collection of outstanding teas and herbal teas. Such a collection is the result of that same spirit to find the best terroirs. And, of course, keen knowledge and understanding of the art of coffee have certainly translated well to the world of teas and herbal teas.

You’re invited to indulge in a world of flavors – just waiting to be unearthed is the aromatic richness of these natural and flavored teas as well as their organic herbal teas. Through Café Richard, you can also enjoy a large selection of Comptoirs Richard teas and herbal teas. These are supplied in sheer nylon bags or loose for maximum taste and freshness in every cup.

With the transparent bags, your customers can enjoy witnessing the delicate quality of the whole leaves. To enhance the aromas and to ensure complete perfection, all teabags are individually wrapped. Such elegance and simplicity serve to showcase why Maison Richard is a name that signifies quality and excellence.

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