Eira Water

While searching the length and breadth of Norway for a water source of great purity, geologists happened upon the Eira source. This source yielded water of incredible clarity, crystal-clear, and low in mineral content. No additional steps needed – all Eira Water is bottled at the source and supplied unfiltered.

It is quite simply the purest form of water available.

Back in the 1990s, the ‘purest water source in Norway’ was found in Eresfjord. This followed a request to geologists by the Norwegian government to locate such a water source. Just 13 years ago in 2007, Eira Water was established, and the Premium Water Company was located at the source. To this day, Eira Water continues to deliver water in its purest form. In fact, it remains one of the Top 5 purest natural drinking waters in the world!

About Eira and Eira Water

Within the premium Norwegian hospitality industry, Eira is a well-known, trusted, and respected name. Michelin restaurants and Bocuse d’Or chefs are among the many professionals who’ve come to trust the brand over the years.

As for the source, you’ll find this located by one of the many vast fjords for which Norway is well known for. A 40-meter deep ravine formed over 10,000 years ago during the ice age is the location of our water source. Here, vegetation is lacking with only layers upon layers of rock present.

Key Facts

Following several analyses of the water carried out by the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU), we can safely say that the quality and capacity of the source are exceptional.

  • Water is Purest Equal Even to First-Time Distilled Water
  • Norwegian Authorities Have Classified this Water as ‘Ecological’
  • Taste and Aesthetics are Unparalleled
  • Low Mineral Content
  • Water Quality is Quite Unlike Anything Seen Elsewhere
  • Large Volumes

The Journey

At around 500-1,500 meters above sea level, in a mountainous region, the water begins its journey to the source. The journey takes a very long time and sees the water slowly work its way, dripping through deep layers of quartz along the way. The quartz naturally filtrates the water and this, combined with the fact that the soil and organic matter have never been contaminated, contributes to the outstanding purity of the water.


  • Their passion is to produce the best quality water in the world. To provide a product that complements the finest culinary dishes and luxury beverages.
  • The natural TDS levels of Eira Water are among the lowest in the world. Very few sources exist which are purer.


  • Eira is not a lifestyle brand – they are a team of connoisseurs that carefully source the best quality products. Such rare and distinctive qualities such as those found in Eira Water are what set them apart.
  • Eira is committed to providing the finest quality, most flawless water.


  • Eira believe in sustainability.
  • Carbon Trust – 100% Hydro-electric.
  • Norwegian Water Foundation.

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