Cafés Richard

Cafés Richard is a coffee roaster that has emerged from Paris-based group Maison Richard founded in 1892 and has remained a family business till today. Cafés Richard, beyond the bean, is a French global expert in providing hot beverages solutions, from coffee to tea.

Cafes, bistros, and restaurants really embody many aspects of Parisian and French life. The creation of Maison Richard is very much entwined with this rich culture as well as the many individuals from Auvergne who decided to move to the capital.

Established in 1892, Maison Richard passed down the unique expertise that really sets Cafés Richard apart from all the rest. The process begins with choosing the right green coffee beans. From there, consistent quality is achieved through time-honored roasting processes as well as ensuring that the coffee beans and ground coffee are packaged under the right conditions. Such methods, while in-keeping with artisan industries, are achieved using modern technologies.

Such technologies and knowledge of traditional processes enable Cafés Richard to create an espresso with an incomparable aroma. A unique technique is used to transform green coffee into brown coffee.

Customer Ambassadors

Wherever you go, be it a trendy bar, luxury hotel or fine dining restaurant, you’re sure to find Cafés Richard’s high-quality coffees and teas. And for those keen to create coffee-based cocktails that’ll delight the masses, Cafés Richard can even offer advice and suggestions. Such an approach gives them the opportunity to engage with customers; to let them know how proud they are to continue making great-tasting beverages for them.

A Carefully Refined Process

The process for creating delicious coffees is a carefully refined process, from the closely guarded recipes to the constant awareness of the quality and traceability of each coffee. Only the finest quality beans are sourced from plantations in countries such as:

  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • India
  • And More!

This includes Fair Trade coffees too! And each roasting process is entirely bespoke, determined by the varieties and blends of coffee.

Spindles are used to tip green coffee beans into a drum where they are continually tossed. Hot air is used to heat the beans while the burning temperature is steadily increased. Physical and chemical transformations take place, eventually resulting in a bean with a truly distinct appearance and aroma.

Over time, the sugars contained in the beans are caramelized – a process known as the “Maillard Reaction”. The first aromatic substances are released, and the beans turn a golden color. As more time passes, the beans continue to change color as water is evaporated, and the sugars and tannins disappear.

The grain swells in size and loses around 20% of its weight. Carbonic anhydride is released which produces the characteristic crackling sound all coffee roasters listen out for. Upon hearing this sound, the roaster knows it’s time to begin the final stages of the roasting process. Once finished, time really is of the essence, as even an extra moment of roasting could destroy those wonderful aromas which have been created.

This time-honored approach is one that has been followed by those working in the Cafés Richard workshops for several generations now. Today, more than 2,400,000 cups of this delicious coffee are served every single day. By staying at the forefront of technological innovation, Cafés Richard continues to deliver a quality caffeinated experience that stays true to its French-style roots.

Fair Trade

Within the hospitality industry, Cafés Richard remains very much a leader when it comes to sourcing, procuring, and creating delicious Fair Trade coffee. This is a commitment that they are proud to uphold and one they intend to continue to do so. For more than ten years, they’ve served Fair Trade coffee through the Max Havelaar label, thereby showcasing their understanding of the need to respect people and the earth. 

Cafés Richard contribute to the opposition of illegal cultivation, in turn, helping provide decent living conditions for small producers. If you’re looking to stock Fair Trade coffees, you’ll find Cafés Richard to be an excellent and most responsible option. 

Let's Talk Organic

The demand for organic products is increasing rapidly – customers drawn to socially responsible products will be drawn to your business the more organic products you supply. By supplying products with the BioOrganic label, you’re demonstrating your business’s respect for the Earth’s resources. You’re also showing your commitment to protecting the quality of life for small producers worldwide as well as consumer well-being. 

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is all about growing and harvesting coffee in a way that shows respect for the environment as well as the people involved. With this label, you can be assured that both origin, as well as the specific qualities of each coffee, are guaranteed. This program is also intended to protect tropical forests which are left ravaged by intensive palm oil farming. 

Focus on Research and Development

Cafés Richard boasts its very own research and development department. This enables them to keep up to date with the latest technological advancements. Their proactive approach helps them meet previously identified requirements while delivering a superior, ethical product. 

Quality Certifications - Responsible Actions Every Day

Certifications are often a signifier of whether a brand can be trusted: Cafés Richard holds three major certifications:

ISO 9001 Version 2008 (Gennevilliers Coffee Roasting Site) – Cafés Richard is continually improving their quality control systems and this certification, awarded by AFNOR Certification, demonstrates this.

FLO-CERT – this provides a guarantee that all products produced by Cafés Richard meet the necessary standards and are accredited under the Fair Trade label.

ECO-CERT – this provides a guarantee that all products produced by Cafés Richard conform with the framework on organic products and adhere to the rules on organic agriculture. This applies to the entire coffee transformation process.

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