MONIN has been a family-run company since 1912 and is now an internationally acclaimed, premium French brand. A trusted partner, MONIN has become the brand of choice for many businesses and hospitality professionals. Built on 108 years of traditional artisanal beverage expertise, MONIN is used by countless millions across the world, infusing their creations with unbeatable gourmet flavors.

The company is currently run by the third generation of the family that founded it. The values of creativity, innovation, and devotion to French heritage remain. With a second-to-none portfolio, MONIN has truly become a leader in the drinks industry. Their local knowledge and exceptional production capabilities ensure that all customers will receive a premium-quality product every time.


For creative beverage makers, from baristas and coffee shop owners to mixologists, MONIN has quickly become a brand of choice. Whether you’re making a flat white or mixing up a high-end cocktail, MONIN is the secret to infusing each drink with great flavor. With more than 100 years’ experience, MONIN has found itself at the center of the gourmet flavoring business. Today, more than 140 flavors exist in over 140 countries.

Made with the finest ingredients and authentic flavors, MONIN products are made with a total commitment to providing quality, flavorful solutions. Included within the range are:

  • Premium Syrups
  • Sugar-Free Syrups
  • Le Fruit de MONIN Puree
  • Gourmet Sauces
  • Concentrates
  • Le Frappe Powders

Brand Identity

More than just a drinks solution – MONIN contains only the finest natural ingredients to create the finest, most enjoyable experience possible. Their exciting portfolio allows for full creative freedom that unleashes authentic taste sensations. Exceptional customer experiences, respect for the environment, and delivering a quality product all underpin the MONIN brand.

MONIN are always open to new ideas with a team that remains passionate and curious, always aspiring to be the best they can be and always pushing boundaries. Our customers would describe us as “experts”, a “trusted leader”, “premium brand”, and would liken our products to a truly authentic experience like no other.

Bespoke Solutions

One size certainly doesn’t fit all, at least, not always. This is why MONIN have adapted their approach and quickly become an artisan producer that offers bespoke solutions to suit all customers, regardless of their requirements. This personal approach is what has made MONIN a trusted partner and brand of choice for so many hospitality professionals.

From personalized customer training to the creation of products and recipes or introducing new flavor trends, MONIN offers bespoke solutions for all. With five production facilities backing them, they are more than capable of delivering on these solutions thanks to the efforts of their local R&D teams. And that’s not all; the success of MONIN is also underpinned by their team of Beverage Innovation Directors, Brand Ambassadors, and Marketing Specialists.

When choosing MONIN, you’re discovering a whole world of recipe ideas, technical tips, marketing operational excellence, and so much more.

Key Facts

  • Multiple Production Facilities Located in France, Malaysia, China, and the US
  • Multiple Cutting-Edge MONIN Studios (Innovation and Training Centers) Situated Globally
  • Six Unbeatable Ranges Spanning 19 Formats
  • 150 Exciting Flavors Available in Countries Across the Globe
  • 150 Exciting Flavors Available in Countries Across the Globe
  • 150 Exciting Flavors Available in Countries Across the Globe
  • 100 Million Units Sold in 2019
  • Some Eight Million Beverages are Made Daily Using MONIN Products

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