Martini 0.0

The Italian Sparkling tradition that started in Piedmont (which also happens to be the birthplace of MARTINI) in the 1850s has become a worldwide phenomenon. With over 150 years of expertise, MARTINI has brought its reputation and knowledge to the zero-alcohol category to cater to the low/no trend that’s sweeping the globe.


The MARTINI 0.0 Dolce is a masterpiece in itself—and the credit goes just as much to the workers as it goes to the ingenuity of the process. And the process is all about the pursuit of perfection.

Well-honed skills and decades of experience of MARTINI experts had to come together to make the product a reality. Nothing but the absolute best grapes from Northern Italy’s premium regions were handpicked to produce the MARTINI 0.0 Dolce.

Lovingly crafted in the sun-drenched hillsides of Northern Italy, using prime Italian grapes, the MARTINI 0.0 Dolce provides consumers with an all-natural, alcohol-free sparkling beverage that still retains the same great flavor the brand is known for. The result is a light, sweet, delicate fruity taste, with hints of apple and pear—perfect for celebrating with friends and with meals.

MARTINI 0.0 Dolce’s exports started in the year 1871, with countries like U.S.A., Shanghai, Istanbul, Vienna, and Moscow becoming the first countries to have a taste. Needless to say, the beverage became an instant classic. The rest, as they say, is history! – Martini Dolce exports began in 2019 – to GCC.

AS EASY AS 1 2 3

Just serve 4 parts of the ice-cold MARTINI 0.0 Dolce in a chilled flute glass, let the bubbles come to the top, and voila! For special occasions, you can add some fresh cherries at the top.


The rich aroma of Italian white grapes mingles playfully with a slight touch of citrus, a hint of sage, a pinch of elder, and peach.


The color of the beverage is subtle golden-yellow, which is complemented by tiny bubbles dancing their way to the top in a delicious melody. The sublime colors and the smooth texture fill every glass with pure class.


The aromatic beverage has a fresh taste with a complex flavor profile that leaves you wanting more. The naturally sweet taste has a hint of soft acidity—a signature motif of Italian grapes. The delicate fizziness balances the sweetness and acidity perfectly. This is a drink for people who know their beverages well. And for the ones trying it for the first time, the deliciously complicated flavor chart makes them an instant fan of the classic!


The MARTINI 0.0 Dolce has been crafted to be your perfect companion for pretty much every occasion. This is a drink that is just as well suited for traditional events as it is when it comes to classy settings.

From destination weddings to hotel parties and from watching a beautiful sunset on a yacht to calling some friends over for a nice dinner, this beverage moonlights as a catalyst for your experiences.

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