Alain Milliat

The Fresh Express portfolio is constantly growing with Alain Milliat just one of the many exciting options available to our clients. If you wish to provide your customers with delicious juices and mouthwatering nectars, you should look no further.

Alain Milliat has been producing gourmet juices and supplying them to France’s top restaurants and luxury hotels since 1997. They select and process the best fruits harnessing all the tasty characteristics and infusing these into the finest juices around.

Thanks to his fifteen years’ experience as a fruit grower, Milliat has built up considerable expertise. He’s established a network of producers who are fully in tune with his demands regarding fruit varieties, growing methods and optimal fruit maturity.

“My ambition is to reproduce as closely as possible the texture and taste of the freshly picked fruit” – Alain Milliat

About Alain Milliat

What really sets Alain Milliat apart from all the rest is his unwavering vision, thoughtfulness, and his passion for great quality fruit beverages.

The story begins in 1983 when Alain established the family farm in the heart of Orliénas and began planting a range of plots with fruits that included:

  • Cherries
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Apples

Jump forward 14 years to 1997 and Alain had successfully created six delicious juice flavors. These were tasted by no fewer than sixty ‘Relais et Châteaux’ sommeliers who were left sufficiently impressed by the results. With their praise and encouragement as a driving force, Alain proceeded to develop the family farm and the business further.

Unlike many fruit juice producers, Alain’s stance is entirely different, centered on a more disruptive approach. To him, juice is an entirely separate experience, embodying pleasure and intended to be much more than the sum of its parts. In short, fruit juice is not just a way to consume fruits – it’s so much more. Every fruit juice is carefully designed and crafted with an aim to create sublime color, texture, and an aromatic profile that’s unlike anything else.

Alain’s approach even extends as far as the design of the bottle itself – a true product of pure and smart design. This general 33cl format has become a true icon having stood on many a breakfast table in homes and hospitality venues throughout France and beyond. Soon, larger, 1L sharing bottles followed as well as 20cl bottles for a quick and tasty treat while out and about.

For more than two decades, the range has only continued to grow, much like the delicious fruits that Alain Milliat produces to this day.

Juices and Nectars


All of Alain Milliat’s fruit juices contain neither water nor sugar as per regulatory requirements. This ensures a product that’s produced 100% as nature intended it. The only two exceptions are the addition of Vitamin C to Cox’s apple and Autumn pear juices to avoid oxidation. Beyond this, your customers will enjoy a beverage that’s completely natural.


There are many fruits for which the juices are not considered to be the main characteristic. In fact, it is the pulp, skin, seeds, and pits that are of value. As such, slightly juicy and pulpy fruits are commonly used in the creation of Alain Milliat’s nectars. Any vegetable waste is discarded. 

The next step of the process is to add water which, in turn, extends the pulp. It’s important to get the balance between sugar and fruit acidity in the water part just right so as to ensure excellent flavor. An Alain Milliat nectar showcases this with a natural, original balance of the fruit that’s enhanced, not distorted. 

Products Produced Fresh

Processes such as tank-storing and second pasteurization serve to dampen the unique qualities of the beverage, and so, Alain Milliat skip these processes entirely. Every single product is bottled directly every single day following a single, light pasteurization. This ensures that your customers always receive the freshest juices every single time.

With such an array of tasty options available, it should be obvious why Fresh Express are the best choice for sourcing seafood. Not only do our products reduce the daily hassles of chefs around the world, but they also allow for the creation of tasty dishes quickly and easily.

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