Fish & Seafood

Our vast experience and dedication to seafood excellence and customer satisfaction has resulted in Fresh Express being recognized as an industry leader for live, fresh and frozen seafood, not only in the UAE, but in the whole Middle East region in both the food service & retail sectors.

Over 30 years of travelling the world and building loyal relationships with some of the world's best seafood producers and fisheries ensures that Fresh Express can supply the best traditional seafood products and the newest, most innovative seafood available to the market.

TEL: +971 4 884 8811 ext.205

Vegetables & Fruits

We roam the globe to find the very best fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our fantastic and ever-growing range has the best products that have been specially selected from all corners of the earth, brought together in one place for your convenience.

We work closely and directly with producers and growers who have been carefully selected for their consistent high standards thus ensuring that our customers only get the highest quality available in the market. Our dedicated team understands each fruit, vegetable and herb variety in great detail, meaning we can offer you seasonality information and further advice which can be utilized to find the best value and quality items to feature on your menu throughout the year.

TEL: +971 4 884 8811 ext.205

Dairy & Eggs

Fresh Express is proud to supply its wide variety of artisanal dairy products to some of the most reputable chefs and retailers in the UAE. Our cheeses are sourced directly from small artisan cheesemakers across France, Italy, Spain, UK, Greece and many other countries. Our respect for the producer is best showcased in our storing and handling of the cheese, butter, cream and yogurt.

Our wide selection of eggs are sourced from reliable farms where real care is taken to guarantee animal welfare. These eggs are natural, free of hormones, antibiotics or any other additives.

TEL: +971 4 884 8811 ext.205

Poultry & Game

Fresh Express is one of the key suppliers of Poultry and Game in the UAE, supplying both the retail and food service sectors with a variety of frozen and chilled products.

We focus on sourcing original, seasonal and noble products reflecting the unique care given to the breeding far away from intensive and industrial methods. Following our sustainability principals, we ensure a full traceability: from the farm to the fork!

TEL: +971 4 884 8811 ext.205


We invite you to come on a journey into our world of condiments. Come and enjoy our fresh daily hand-stuffed homemade green olives, made by an old family recipe that was passed over by Vouyoukas family from generation to generation. Our selection of olive oils includes the best oils from Greece, and we are proud to supply a range of premium and historic brands for which each has a story to tell. Our selection includes Giuseppe Giusti balsamic vinegar, Cornish Sea Salt, Kaviari, and Ortiz amongst others.

TEL: +971 4 884 8811 ext.205

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